LG TVs getting built-in Stadia and GeForce Now apps in 2021 (Update)

The game streaming platforms are coming to more devices finally

Google Stadia Logo

If you’re a Google Stadia user, LG just gave you another reason to buy one of its new TVs.

During CES 2021, LG announced that both Stadia and Nvidia’s GeForce Now game streaming will be supported by its latest televisions. Sadly, this doesn’t seem like it’s going to apply to the company’s older models.

Stadia will arrive in the second half of the year, after the new TVs start shipping and GeForce Now will come even later, reports The Verge.

This is pretty big news for both services since neither app is hosted on many TV-based app platforms. It should also be noted that since Sony’s 2021 TVs will support the new Google TV OS, it will likely get Stadia support at the same time as the new Chromecast.

It’s worth noting that both apps can be installed on Android TV if you sideload them. This means that you are downloading these apps from the internet and installing them yourself instead of using the Google Play Store.

These versions of the apps are meant for Android phones, so they don’t offer an optimal experience, but they prove that the apps can function on the Android TV platform.

Update 11/01/2021 11:53 AM ET: LG has clarified to 9to5Google that Stadia will come to all TVs running LG’s WebOS 6.0 and 5.0 builds. This will include some 2020 models but not all of them. Still, it’s nice to know that modern TVs from 202 aren’t being left out of this update.


Source: The Verge