New Tesla update delivers ‘Fallout Shelter’ and more to vehicles

Along with the new game, Tesla owners now have an improved TRAX app and media controls

An update rolling out to Tesla vehicles brings some updated entertainment options, including Fallout Shelter for Tesla Arcade.

Although Elon Musk announced the game would make its way to Tesla vehicles nearly a year ago, Fallout Shelter is only now arriving as part of the 2020.20 update. Tesla Model S, 3, X or Y owners can play it while parked, along with several other offerings on Tesla Arcade.

Like other Tesla Arcade games, Fallout Shelter will leverage Tesla vehicles’ large infotainment screen and steering wheel controls.

The ‘2020.20’ update brings several changes for non-gamers as well. For one, it adds revised Tesla Theater controls that allow the use of steering wheel buttons when playing, pausing and skipping videos on Netflix or YouTube. Again, these are only available while parked. Previously, the vehicles required users control content with the touchscreen.

Finally, the ‘TRAX’ music-making software received some improvements as well. The program now offers a piano roll view feature. It should make composing music in your Tesla a little easier.

Tesla, like many other tech companies, is rolling out the over-the-air (OTA) vehicle update slowly to select users before making it available to all Tesla owners en masse. In other words, it could be some time before you receive the update yourself.

CNET’s Road Show shared a video from YouTube channel ‘JuliansRandomProject‘ that shows off the Fallout Sheler functionality.

While most of us may not have anywhere to go amid the COVID-19 pandemic, at least Tesla owners with cabin fever can escape to their driveway to play some games now.

Source: Road Show