Bell brings back $75 20GB plan again, get it before February 3

The promotion is available for those looking to get a new phone and for BYOP customers

Bell $75 20GB plan

Like clockwork, Bell has joined Rogers and Telus in offering a $75/20GB plan for the weekend.

All three carriers have offered this deal on multiple weekends through January. The promotion essentially doubles the available data on Bell’s base plan. Typically, customers would get 10GB for $75 per month. Until February 3rd, however, that is up to 20GB.

Bell offers the promotion on both its Unlimited and Connect Everything plans. The Unlimited plan allows customers to use up to 20GB of data at fast LTE speeds. Beyond that initial 20GB, customers can continue to use data at a reduced speed of up to 512Kbps maximum.

The Connect Everything plan, on the other hand, includes 20GB of shareable data. It is not unlimited, and customers who go over that amount will pay $10 per additional 100MB up to 800MB. Beyond that, Bell charges $0.15 per MB.

Both plans include unlimited Canada-wide calling and messaging, call display, call waiting, conference calling and voicemail. Bell also charges a $40 connection fee.

The plans are both available when getting a phone from Bell or as BYOP plans.

Overall, it’s a pretty great deal. Normally, customers would have to pay $95 per month to get the same 20GB plan, so there are some significant savings to be had. If you missed out the last time Bell ran the promotion, now would be a good time to sign up for the plan. It isn’t clear if Bell will bring it back again.

You can see the plans on Bell’s website here.