BMO app update makes it easier to view Interac e-Transfers history

Users' transactions list will now display names next to an email address or phone number

BMO’s recent update to its app has made it easier for users to view and manage their Interac e-Transfers.

Before the update, you wouldn’t see the names of the people you’re sending e-Transfers to because it would just display a phone number or an email address. Now, you’ll be able to see names in your transactions list.

“Now it’s easy to know who you sent Interac e-Transfers to and who you received them from, because their names will appear right in your account transactions,” the bank’s updated app description reads.

BMO says this is another simple way to keep track of your money because you can now get a better view of your transactions.

The last major BMO app update gave customers the ability to dispute a credit card charge straight from the app. BMO also recently launched a QuickPay feature to help users pay their bills in a quick and easy way.

Further, the bank is developing an AI-powered personal financial management solution tool called ‘BMO Insights’ that will be a part of the its mobile app.

You can download the BMO Mobile Banking app on the iOS App Store and on Google Play.

Image credit: BMO

Source: BMO