BMO app will soon let customers dispute a credit card charge

The feature will roll out in the next few days

BMO customers will soon be able to dispute a credit card charge straight from the bank’s iOS and Android apps.

If you see a transaction that you don’t recognize, you can select it within the app and notify the bank right away. You just have to tap on your credit card account, choose a charge under the “Transactions” tab and then tap dispute.

A BMO spokesperson confirmed to MobileSyrup that the feature is going to be available in the next few days in the latest versions of the app.

The app was also recently updated with a ‘QuickPay’ feature that is designed to help users pay their bills in a quick and easy way.

BMO also recently announced that it will be releasing a new AI-powered personal financial management solution tool called ‘BMO Insights’ that will be a part of the bank’s mobile app.

Source: BMO