Adobe purchases Oculus Medium VR sculpting tool

Adobe says it will improve Medium and add new features to it

Adobe is purchasing Oculus Medium, which is a 3D virtual reality sculpting tool for creatives that launched in 2015 by the Facebook-owned company.

An Oculus blog post outlines that not a lot will change for now and that Medium will still be free for users with an Oculus VR system. However, the blog post hints that Adobe will be implementing more features and improvements in 2020.

Although Medium was released as a mass-market art tool, it is mainly used by concept artists and game developers. Adobe says that medium will work alongside Adobe’s Substance app.

It’s also clear that since Medium is well-liked by a small community, it will live on while being integrated with other apps that will make its software better, as noted by TechCrunch. Adobe and Medium have both expressed that they want to preserve the current existing community under Medium.

There’s no clear reason for why Oculus is selling Medium, but it could possibly be because Oculus has its own art app called Quill. Additionally, Quill is a 3D painting app while Medium is more of a 3D modelling app that will fit better with Adobe’s other products.

The two companies have not disclosed how much the acquisition cost Adobe.

Image credit: Medium 

Source: TechCrunch