Calgary selects Waterloo-based eleven-x to manage Smart City network

The partnership aims to deliver smart city solutions

The city of Calgary has chosen eleven-x, a Waterloo-based provider of low power IoT solutions, to manage the city’s Smart City network.

In 2017, the city deployed a municipally owned IoT network aiming to implement low cost and low power solutions to improve city operations and provide new programs to serve residents.

Now, eleven-x has been selected to be the managed service provider for the network. It will provide its wireless connectivity expertise to help operate the IoT platform. This will enable the management of a number of Smart City solutions.

eleven-x works with cities across the country to provide network and application software solutions. In Calgary, it will provide low power batter devices that will connect to the city’s infrastructure. They will provide data on current status, usage and location.

“The data captured then gets transmitted securely across the network where it gets integrated into end-user applications,” the press release reads.

The applications and devices are expected to provide a potential return on investment for the city, which will improve water, transportation and public health and safety.

Image credit: City of Toronto 

Source: eleven-x