Big tech companies begin restricting staff from talking with Huawei employees

Several tech giants are telling their employees to stop talking to their counterparts at Huawei about technology and technical standards.

Citing anonymous sources, Reuters reported that companies are doing this in response to U.S. President Donald Trump’s ban on tech companies that pose a national security threat. Huawei is included in this ban list.

Chipmakers Intel and Qualcomm, South Korea’s telecom carrier LG Uplus, and mobile research firm InterDigital Wireless are not allowing their employees to have any type of conversation with Huawei, Reuters reported.

The publication noted that conversations between different companies are a “routine part of international meetings” where employees come together to set technical standards.

As part of the ban, companies that currently have business with Huawei must find an alternative solution by August. The rules set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce do not detail banning conversations between employees.

Reuters reported Intel and Qualcomm have “provided compliance instructions to employees,” but declined to comment further to that.

InterDigital said it also provided “guidance to engineers” so it was complying with the U.S. regulations.

LG Uplus said: “[The company is] voluntarily refraining from interacting with Huawei workers, other than meeting for network equipment installation or maintenance issues.”

Source: Reuters


  • Shruti Shekar

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