Microsoft Edge for Mac available online due to server leak

Both the Chromium-based Canary build and developer version can be downloaded to Mac devices

For Mac users who want to try out a new web browser, you’re in luck as the macOS version of Microsoft Edge has been leaked online.

Twitter user @h0x0d discovered and posted two Edge download links that are from Microsoft’s servers — one is the Chromium-powered Canary build and the other being the weekly developer version.

The difference between the two versions is that the Canary build is updated daily and is less stable, while the weekly developer build is more stable but is updated less frequently.

The overall look of the browser is the same as the Windows 10 version, with the speed (for the weekly developer build) being similar to Chrome for Mac.

Gizmodo also reported that the Edge extension store is functional, with plug-ins such as Grammarly available to download.

Like the Chromium-based Edge beta for Windows 10 version, you can also install Chrome extensions and transfer it over to the Edge browser.

If you’re itching to give the new Edge browser a try, you download the Canary or the weekly developer version via @h0x0d’s tweets.

However, if you’re not willing to risk your Mac, an official version should be released soon.

Source: The Verge via Gizmodo