Prepare for the Cisco CCNA Security certification exam with this $39 bundle

Each year, the world’s largest companies will only grow bigger and bigger, which increases their IT infrastructure demands. This makes pursuing a career in IT a stable and lucrative career path. If building and maintaining the networks behind the world’s biggest companies interests you, you can earn a certification from a major vendor like Cisco, and this $38.10 bundle can show you how.

The Foundational Cisco CCNA Security Bundle features 3 courses with 53 hours of content to prepare you for the Cisco CCNA certification exam. The first course covers Cisco 100-105, which covers entry level topics such as setting up and monitoring IPv4 and IPv6 networks. Meanwhile, the second course covers Cisco 200-105, which dives into switching and routing concepts like protocols and troubleshooting. Finally, the last course will introduce you to securing networks using basic firewalls.

With the demand for IT professionals increasing each year, pursuing a career as a Cisco certified professional will always be a wise career move. The Foundational Cisco CCNA Security Bundle is an excellent first step towards your first IT gig, and you can buy it from MobileSyrup deals for $38.10 CAD [$29 USD], or 96% off.

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The Foundational Cisco CCNA Security Bundle – $29

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