Texture gets mystery iOS app update ahead of rumoured Apple News subscription service launch

There's speculation that Texture might integrate with Apple's News subscription service


Texture, a magazine distribution app now owned by Apple, has received a mysterious new update.

What the update actually does is a mystery, as Apple hasn’t outlined any details in its release notes.

In the ‘What’s New’ section, the update’s notes simply read, ‘as always, we want your feedback. It’ll help make Texture even better. Please email us at support@texture.com.’

This seems pretty strange, as the release notes don’t feature the typical ‘minor bug fixes’ outline included in many Apple app updates.

However, this update could relate to the rumoured Apple News subscription announcement set for March 25th.

There is speculation that Texture might be integrated with the tech giant’s Apple News platform.

This makes sense, as having an Apple-owned magazine app competing with its own new aggregation platform wouldn’t be a good strategy for the company.

Apple bought Texture, which was partially owned by Rogers, on March 12th, 2018, acquiring the entire company and its team.

Texture is still available for both iOS and Android, though the app hasn’t been updated since July 2018.

Along with its new magazine subscription service, Apple is also expected to finally reveal its streaming video and television platform at the company’s March 25th keynote.

Source: 9to5Google