Essential temporarily drops price of 360 Camera to $20 USD

Expect to pay more than $20 with tax, shipping and duties included

Essential Phone

Hot on the heels of its Essential Phone Prime Day deal, which saw Amazon and the faltering smartphone maker sell the PH-1 for a modest $325 CAD, Essential has dramatically reduced the price of the Essential 360 Camera.

Normally priced at $200 USD, the company is currently selling the accessory for $20 USD via its online store.

Of course, once you factor in tax, as well as shipping and duties (which in my case come out to $31.78), the camera costs more than $20. Then there’s the exchange rate, as well. In all, Canadian customers can expect to pay approximately $66 CAD to take advantage of the company’s latest promotion.

For comparison, it was possible to get the Essential 360 Camera for $50 CAD before tax when Telus reduced the accessory’s price last March. However, the carrier’s website says it’s out of stock of the camera online. So it’s likely this is the last, best way to get a hold of the Essential 360 Camera.

When I first reviewed the accessory last September, the Essential 360 Camera was plagued with software issues. Since then, Essential has done a lot to shore up the camera’s and functionality. One of the features it added was a cute little planets mode.

Source: Essential