Public Mobile’s $40/6GB Koodo offer ends on March 31st, 2018

Public Mobile is still trying to get subscribers to switch to Koodo

Public Mobile subscribers have until March 31st, 2018 to capitalize on the $40/6GB offer to switch to Telus flanker brand Koodo.

Public Mobile — Telus’s lowest-tier flanker brand — first began informing customers about this offer via text message earlier in March.

Public Mobile is now sending out another round of text messages informing customers that they don’t have very much time left to switch to Telus’s mid-range postpaid service carrier.

What makes this offer so interesting is that a Telus flanker brand is trying to get customers to switch to another Telus flanker brand. The difference being that Public Mobile offers prepaid service, while Koodo offers monthly, postpaid service.

Public Mobile customers interested in redeeming this offer need to use the offer code GOKOODO406GB and show the message they’ve received from their carrier.

Source: iPhone in Canada