Huawei compares its P20 smartphone to a DSLR in new promo videos

Huawei P20 Pro render

Huawei compares the cameras on its upcoming P20 series smartphones to a DSLR in its latest promotion videos.

In the first ‘See Brighter’ video, a man to capture a shot with more light. He struggles to get the perfect shot, eventually bringing out umbrella lights before he is finally happy with his image. However, the women to his left takes a picture with a phone and right away she appears to be happy with the image. The video ends with a #SeeBrighter hashtag and “Huawei P20 See Mooore With AI 27-03-18.”

The smartphone in the video she’s using is supposed to be the P20. However, the device is closer in appearance — at least according to previous leaks — to the Huawei Mate 10 Pro.

In the next video, the same man attempts using three different DSLR cameras with a variety of zoom lenses in order to get his desired photo.

Again the woman beside him takes one shot with her ‘Huawei P20’ and is pleased with her shot. This video ends with a #SeeCloser hashtag and “Huawei P20 See Mooore With AI 27-03-18.”

More videos show that the Huawei P20 will also #SeeFaster with the company saying that the P20 is “the fastest way to snap the perfect pic,” and #SeeSmarter with the quote reading, “work it without working. Be a master of photography without restrictions.”

The Huawei P20 Pro will be the first smartphone to feature three cameras on its rear, if recent leaks are accurate. According to ads done by a digital artist at one of the company’s creative agencies, the P20 Pro will feature a 40-megapixel camera and a 5x hybrid zoom.

Huawei will unveil its P20 series on March 27th in Paris, France.

Source: Huawei, Via: Android Central