Canadians want technology to stop distracted driving, not police crackdowns: Poll

distracted driving with cell phone

An opinion poll created by Aviva Canada — a company that provides home, automobile, leisure/lifestyle and business insurance — discovered Canadians don’t think the answer to texting and driving is police crackdowns.

Instead, Canadians believe technology is the solution that will stop drivers from using their phones while driving.

78 percent of Canadians believe the best solution would be technology that would disable phone functionality while the driver is behind the wheel — something similar to the ‘Do Not Disturb while driving’ feature that’s on the newest version of the iOS, or the eBrake app that Telus is currently testing in partnership with the creators. 73 percent of respondents said they would use such anti-texting technology.

The poll further revealed that 95 percent of those surveyed, said texting and driving by others makes them feel unsafe on the road. 88 percent of Canadians have witnessed people driving on the road, while only 22 percent admitted texting while driving.

Aviva surveyed 1,504 Canadians between August 8-13th with Pollara Stategic Insights.

Source: Aviva Canada