Aviva Canada expands its ride sharing insurance coverage to Alberta


Starting on August 1, Aviva personal insurance will be expanded to include ride-sharing drivers in the province of Alberta.

This news follows an announcement made by the Alberta government on Wednesday regarding a framework developed to allow Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) to operate safely.

This insurance solution was developed in collaboration with the ministries of Transportation and Treasury Board and Finance, the ride-for-hire industry, the insurance sector and municipalities.

Upon this development, Aviva has expanded its ride-sharing coverage product to Alberta drivers who carry paying passengers in their vehicles.

“With ride-sharing on the rise, consumers in Alberta now have new options available to them,” said Greg Somerville, President and CEO of Aviva Canada in a statement sent to MobileSyrup.

“Following the footsteps of our ride-share solution, we’re thrilled to address a market need in Alberta with a simple and affordable solution. Our insurance coverage will provide drivers and passengers with absolute peace of mind while ride-sharing.”

This coverage will be available for individuals who drive up to 20 hours per week and partake in ride-sharing. The additional cost for this coverage will consist of a portion of the driver’s income, to be calculated using factors including time spent ride-sharing, area covered and driving record.

According to the Alberta government, the main goals of enacting this amendment, which received approval during the spring 2016 session, are to clarify the scope under which TNCs may operate. The legislation also specifies that all drivers must have a level 1, 2 or 4 license, undergo minimum standards for police checks and vulnerable sector screening, more specific insurance requirements and the exact definitions of TNCs and TNC drivers.

“Our primary goal is to ensure all of Alberta’s road users – drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists – are safe. This regulation provides clear rules and guidelines for Transportation Network Companies who want to operate in our province,” said Brian Mason of the Ministry of Transportation in a statement.

Aviva’s rideshare coverage will be an add on to an Aviva customer’s existing personal auto policy. Ridesharing drivers will be protected from the moment they begin looking for passengers to collecting and dropping off those passengers. Coverage will be based on several criteria, including no more than eight passengers at a time and holding a license for a minimum of six years.

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Source: Aviva