CFL Football Frenzy is now available on the App Store

CFL football frenzy which features football avatars

The Canadian Football League (CFL) has announced that it has launched a shoot-out type of arcade game for download on mobile and tablet devices, called CFL Football Frenzy.

Canadian-based Relish Interactive developed CFL Football Frenzy for young football fans from the age of 8 to 14, though the game is for everyone. CFL Football Frenzy allows its players to create and customize their own avatar and has offence, defence and field goal modes.

Moreover, within the ‘Season’ mode, players get to create to an all-star rookie wide receiver avatar and play through as their favourite team as the game gets more difficult.

The new game allows players to use real CFL stars or play as their own avatar on all nine teams, in 7 versus 7 gameplay. Players have the option to collect and design costumes and avatars which include viking, pirates, sharks images and more. Relish Interactive will add more features to the game throughout this football season.

Additionally, CFL Football Frenzy, includes unique CFL rulings and variety of elements such as three-down play, 110-yard field, no-huddle gameplay, the rouge and even the waggle.

“The CFL game is uniquely fast, fun, and creative – we wanted to create a game to celebrate that colourful spirit and share it with our younger fans,” said Christina Litz, CFL senior vice president of marketing and content in a press statement. “This is new ground for the CFL as we follow through on our strategy to reach younger audiences and expand our digital gaming presence using our talented and entertaining star players.”

CFL Football Frenzy is available for free in English and French on the App Store, and is coming to Android in the near future.

Source: CFL