Original Xbox controller to return on Xbox One and Windows 10, creator confirms

If you never got to experience “The Duke,” consider yourself lucky

Xbox One controller in hand

The original Xbox controller. The heavy-set Xbox controller. The Duke. Whatever you, your friends, your family and your mortal enemies called the original Xbox controller, you most likely remember that it was exceptionally large and difficult to handle.

The original Xbox controller — which is what I’m going to call it, because I refuse to erase what it was by calling it anything else — was so notoriously unwieldy that Microsoft actually released a slimmer version — the ‘Controller S,’ which was originally a Japan-only exclusive — in 2002, roughly a year after the Xbox launched in North America.

Well, there’s some good news for anyone who misses the original Xbox controller. According to a tweet from Seamus Blackley — the father of the Xbox himself — Microsoft has approved the final prototype for an Xbox One and Windows 10 remake of the original Xbox controller.

You’ll notice that Blackley tweeted with the hashtag “NewDuke,” referencing the original Xbox controller’s loving nickname.

In a separate tweet, Blackley showed off the mockup that served as the initial prototype for the remake. You’ll notice that there’s now an OLED screen where the Xbox logo was on the original Xbox controller.

Blackley didn’t specify when the remake will be available, nor did he specify how much it will cost.

Regardless, one thing is certain, this new take on the original Xbox controller will no doubt be just as large and unmanageable as its predecessor.

Source: Twitter Via: Polygon