Original Xbox controller to return on Xbox One and Windows 10, creator confirms

If you never got to experience “The Duke,” consider yourself lucky


  • deltatux

    Not sure why anyone wants to bring this back. It was unwieldy & frankly fugly. I was so glad they made the Controller S standard. I thought they buried this design for good once they realize how bad it was.

    Of course I think there will be those who loved it & complaint how tiny the Controller S was, this is probably aimed for that audience.

  • Francois Roy

    I LOVED that thing! ❤️
    It was a MAN’S controller! Built for war!
    Best triggers in video game history!
    This is what’s going to replace my aging Xbox 360 PC controller.

  • Andrew Holt

    I personally loved that controller. I was a kid back in it’s day, and it took a good licking, especially after a few infuriating losses in NHL 2002