Samsung now allows Galaxy S8 and S8+ owners to disable Bixby button

Holding down on the Bixby button will still activate Bixby Voice, however


  • Kuru Sivalingam

    This is an amazing update. At least its moving in the right direction.
    To bad my update keeps failing. 🙁

  • Alex Fournier

    FINALLY!~%@#^!#$^ 🙂

  • Roger

    Does it allow you to assign a button press for something else though? If not, it’s a fail.

  • outburst

    Correct, we want to be able to reassign the button. Cmon Samsung!

  • Daniel Szilagyi

    what a laughable joke, if nothing it should prove to them that Bixby and the button itself is a huge failure and will end up like their previous products ( Milk etc )