BlueBorne virus spreads through Bluetooth, even if devices not discoverable


  • deltatux

    Holy crap, not everything is a “virus”. It’s a collection of vulnerabilities that when exploited, it allows hackers to perform privilege of escalation and remote execution attacks. This leads to data exfiltration, spying and/or used as pivot points into corporate networks.

    By calling this a virus, it’s almost like calling a car, a bus just because it carries people & have 4 wheels.

    • Razvan Zamfir

      it’s actually calling it’s almost like calling a car, a train just because it can carry people from point a to point b on wheels; or even calling it a boat because it carries people.

    • deltatux

      Nah, more like calling MobileSyrup a town crier’s scroll. Both offer news.

      Or like calling a gun, ionizing radiation. Both can kill you… Eventually.

  • Do Do

    …and this is another way the corporations keep people updating to new phones, don’t provide security update support to older devices.

    “built in obsolescence”

  • Ipse

    While not the end of humanity as we know it, this vulnerability (we all agree on the term) opens your eyes to the myriad of devices you never considered exposed…like your headset. Just think further to the billions of devices part of IoT and run for the hills 🙂