Poll: What new smartphone are you most excited for?


  • Zach Murray

    I chose iphone, but only because that phones in desperate need of an overhaul and if the rumours and “leaks” are true, its going to be one good looking phone! Beyond that id say Pixel 2 because i love my Pixel, but who knows how thatll go considering its “leaks” as well.

    • neo905

      It will also be the equivalent of a mortgage payment.

    • It’s Me

      As will others.

  • Anonymous Agent

    I’m not excited about any new phone yet. As I just got the LG G6 and it’s an awesome awesome device. Camera is good. Good battery life. Love the screen with less bezel which other phones have ugly large bezels. G6 has been the best phone I’ve ever had so far. Before I got this phone I tried the blackberry keyone cause I was curious to try it. Was an amazing device as well. Had a amazing battery life. Good camera. But I couldn’t get use to the smaller screen with the keyboard taking up alot of space. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed using the keyboard as well. But just wish it would of been able to slide it away like the priv did. But priv had to many issues and terrible battery life and bad camera for me to even try it. Samsung s8 or s8 plus isn’t for me cause I hate how the fingerprint was placed. And don’t really like the curve screen cause it shows reflections and can’t properly use tempered glass screen protectors on curved screens. And Samsung didn’t upgrade its camera to be better. Nor has a secondary camera for the s8 plus which would of made better since for the extra cost than the regular s8. And the pixel I can’t stand how ugly the large bezels are. And no micro SD card support. No wireless changing and no fast charging. And no waterproofing.
    And I’m not excited about the pixel 2 cause rumors are saying it’ll come with no headphone jack. And still no micro SD card support. And iPhone I’ve never liked iPhones cause their to locked down for my liking. I enjoy installing third party apks apps on my Android device for my needs. And I need a headphone jack which apple decided to ditch. And I hate having to use iTunes for doing simple tasks I want to put on my device. And the Samsung note 8 I’m not excited for cause it’s basically a s8 plus with a stylus. Not much else to blow my mind to get me excited for.
    I’m very happy with my LG G6 I currently have and will use it for the next 2-3 years. Unless some other company comes out with something that blows my mind in excitement before then.

  • Orage42

    iPhone for sure. If the rumors and leaks from the feature set of the infrared 3D cameras for unlocking (i.e. “Face ID”) are true, it’ll be major.

    It would add more layers to the security of your phone. Face ID would unlock the notification screen only to the owner of the phone – so anyone else than you picking up your phone wouldn’t see anything.

    There’s also the leaked “autolock” – which could lock your phone on certain actions (such as switching apps, hitting home or when being prompted for a password, or simply timed continuous checks that the proper owner is using the phone).

    All of this would obviously work in the background and as the user you wouldn’t see a difference in usage, but someone else trying to access things on your phone would get locked up really quick.

  • FirstLine

    Surface Phone

  • Whome

    How about a phone with a removable battery?

  • ciderrules

    Obviously iPhone. Even people I know who are die-hard Android fans are still waiting for the iPhone keynote to see what Apple does.

    Also a big LOL to the Google shills who all showed up to vote.

    • thereasoner

      *see what Apple copies*
      Fixed it for you.

    • ciderrules

      How original. And typical. Sorry the truth upsets you (that the Pixel was a massive failure at only 1 million sales).

    • Domino67

      Also a big LOL to the Apple shills who all showed up to vote.

    • ciderrules

      1 billion iPhone users vs 1 million Pixels users, or 1000:1. You’re severely mathematically challenged if you think there weren’t a bunch of shills that voted for the Pixel in order to place it first.

      Even the Galaxy S8 should have had several times as many votes.

    • Domino67

      There is not one billion iphone users you pinhead…..they barely have sold that many in total.

    • thereasoner

      Lmao! Not to mention that anyone can vote Pixel, not just those who were lucky enough to get one. …and then he rambles on about a phone that’s not even on there! Hilarious!

    • KiwiBri

      I know several non techy people who gave up on iPhone’s recently and gone for the first time with “Samsungs” as they put it.. lol. I think it was the change with the headphone port that changed their position with iPhones, and most major apps are on both platforms now.

  • Brad Fortin

    I can see where these comments are headed. Better grab the popcorn. ????

  • vn33

    Just got a new phone this year … I buy my phone outright, so tend to keep my phones for at least two years, no excitement for me … can’t afford to 🙂
    I wouldn’t mind seeing how the Huawei Mate 10 turns out though …

  • KiwiBri

    Holding out for a iPhone 8 update for my work phone, and a Galaxy S9 for Personal.

  • thereasoner

    Surprised to see the Note 8 where it is now at almost 20%, it usually doesn’t sell nearly as well as Samsungs S series phones.

  • Andrew Holt

    I’m really not sure what the whole trend about smaller bezels is about. I personally live having some bezel on the phone, and to me it looks better when there is one. Gives me a place to grip the phone without covering the screen. Maybe it’s a millennial thing…in which case I soon to expect to see phones with tattoo like decals all over them very soon.

  • OMFCody

    Pixel 2, but I wont be interested if it has giant bezels and lacks proper water resistance. V30 is just a bigger G6 they ruined the brand. I don’t want a curved screen so no note for me.