Vuzix and BlackBerry announce partnership to release smart glasses for enterprise clients


  • Marshall Davidson

    Another ‘partnership’ that will go nowhere. They can’t even make a decent profit selling what they have and now they are venturing off into an area that really has no potential for them to do so in future either.

    • Rev0lver

      Ok Shogun.

    • Marshall Davidson

      Truth hurts doesn’t it? I mean you’ve been out here praising the management here and how great they are and yet the company is on the verge of reporting financials showing the lowest drop in revenue since Chen took over. Lmao! Basically proves you have little idea what you’re talking about.

    • Rev0lver

      It just kills you that they’re making a comeback eh Shogun? You have no idea how this company is managed.

      Glad that you admit that you’re Shogun now. Hopefully the ban hammer will come down on you for, what is it now, the fourth or fifth time?

  • Nil

    The glasses are so bulky because the include a physical keyboard that has all 104 keys including the windows sign key.

    In order to be used the client has to put an equivalent piece of lead in the other ear on order to balance their head.