Top Canadian stories from the past week, plus other news from around the web

This was a busy week in mobile. Over the past seven days several a number of new devices were announced, namely the Samsung Galaxy S5, Gear 2, Sony Xperia Z2, Z2 Tablet, BlackBerry Q20 and the Nokia X (not coming to Canada). In addition, Canadian carriers made some shocking news – TELUS removing itself from the CWTA and Rogers finally putting an end to the Chatr advertising claims. Below are the top Canadian mobile stories from the past week and a few articles from around the web.

– Samsung Galaxy S5 coming to eleven Canadian carriers in April [Read here]
– Rogers HTC One Mini upgrade to KitKat now available to download [Read here]
– Industry Canada denies spectrum transfer request to Rogers-Bell partnership [Read here]
– BlackBerry Q20 to feature classic trackpad [Read here]
– Build or buy: Facebook’s big gamble [Read here]
– BBM coming to Windows Phone ‘this summer’ [Read here]
– Pebble Steel review [Read here]
– Sony announces the Xperia Z2 [Read here]
– The Nokia X line is not coming to Canada [Read here]
– Rogers to discontinue its One Number Phone Add-on [Read here]
– Ontario Government increasing Distracted driving fines to $280 on March 18th [Read here]
– 10-digit dialing coming to Nova Scotia and PEI on August 23rd [Read here]
– Android 4.3 update now available for Sony Xperia SP and Xperia T [Read here]
– ‘BBM Protected’ for enterprise this summer [Read here]
– Boring is the new black: why 2014 is the year of small changes [Read here]
– Rogers to $500,000 for inadequate testing of Chatr dropped call claims [
Read here]
– TELUS and Koodo Moto G receive small bug fix update [Read here]
– The ‘Mobile Innovation Store’ of the future will be shown off at Dx3 [Read here]
– ‘All New HTC One’ name hinted in new BoomSound promotion [Read here]
– Virgin Mobile set to release the Moto G [Read here]

Around the web:
– Lenovo and Ashton Kutcher team up on special edition phones [Engadget]
– First really real pictures of WP 8.1 Cortana [WMPU]
– Head of BBM Details Plans for BBM, Deflates Hope for Desktop Client [BerryReview]
– Samsung KNOX will soon play nice with Microsoft enterprise software [AndroidAuthority]