BlackBerry making BBM better for group chats


BlackBerry is having a BBM renaissance. The company’s chat platform has been expanding to new platforms, with another one to come, and has instituted many of the features users have waited years for. Not only is it now easier to find one’s friends, but often-used features like cloud file sharing and location sharing have been added in recent versions.

BlackBerry is now outlining its next update, which will hit BB 10, Android and iOS in the coming weeks. On deck is the ability to share photos with a group, and the maximum size of those files will increase from 6MB to 16MB.

The upcoming release will also slightly increase the size of emoticons, the number of which was recently expanded in the most recent version.

With BBM expanding to the enterprise, and to Windows Phone, in the coming months, BlackBerry is taking the fight straight to Facebook.

[source]Inside BlackBerry[/source]