10-digit dialing coming to Nova Scotia and PEI on August 23rd, new 782 area code in November

If you’re living or visiting Nova Scotia and PEI this summer you’ll soon need to dial 10-digits for the 902 area code. Effective August 23rd, due to the “ever-growing popularity of communications services” in the region, 10-digit dialing will be required for all local calls.

Glen Brown, a spokesperson for the Canadian Numbering Administrator, said that “10-digit local dialing is new to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island and impacts all residents and businesses. It is important that consumers and businesses start reprogramming their communications equipment prior to August 23, 2014 in order to avoid any inconveniences that may be caused by the changes.”

With 10-digit dialing coming into play this paves the way for a new area code. Coming this November will also see a new 782 area code become available that will hopefully tackle the “huge increase in demand for phone numbers in the region.”

Source: CNW