BBM coming to Windows Phone ‘this summer’


  • saqrkh

    Good stuff. If there is a current opportunity to aggressively push BBM, it’s now (with FB’s WhatsApp purchase and weird outage). They’ve got true cross-platform reach, it’s now time to drive it all the way.

  • Brandon Orr

    Let’s be honest. Texting is a relic from the late 90’s early 2000s that will eventually be phased out. Limitations with message length, data size of messages and lack of ability to send full pictures or video to recipients will keep it down. Not to mention that most unlimited texting plans are only for texting within a country, and in our ever globalizaing world it just makes sense that the natural evolution of IM will shift towards the internet based solutions instead of the 140 character SMS options we’ve been using.

    Even voice calls will start to be phased out in favour of VOIP calling eventually. It’s a bunch of infrastructure that has to be maintained and if it can be replaced with existing data infrastructure that can work arguably better and just as reliably then why not.

    • Joshua G. Cumberbatch

      I agree !
      More and more people are starting to use IM clients. I find that they are WAY more reliable than traditional SMS. But I still have a whole load of friends that still use text messaging as their primary way of communicating with other friends. MMS isn’t that great either, but I guess SMS/MMS is still ‘cheaper’ to those who don’t have data plans.

  • LTE Is Overrated

    Unlimited texts are great and cheap, standalone $5/month with Wind or $15/month with Big 3, but IM services like iMessage provide a few extras like delivery receipts and uncomplicated high quality picture sharing. The data cost for texts alone is not that much. It’s possible to use services like Twitter and get by with only 100 MB a month, especially with pictures and videos disabled. What worries a lot of Canadians, unfortunately, is the confusing data allowances (making a choice too small or too big) and the high cost for mobile Internet.

  • Stephen_81

    I’ve never found a reliable unlimited texting plan across any Canadian Carrier.
    SMS is the fastest to fail, it lacks reliable delivery receipts, in low service areas successive sms messages can arrive out of order for the recipient and the international costs are never included in “unlimited’

    Even iMessage which I don’t much like is better than SMS and I put iMessage at the bottom of the quality IM clients available

  • TheFloppyBeaver

    It’s crazy that people are still using text/SMS with so many far superior alternatives available for free.

    It’s like saying you’d rather use a Samsung Ace/iPhone 3G/original BB Torch over a S5/iPhone 5S/Z30.

    • TheFloppyBeaver

      That’s fair, do use what’s best for you obviously.

      I just don’t see how SMS is in any ways close to what IM services provide, by a long shot. The only benefit I see is if you talk to many people (or you yourself) who don’t have a data plan.

    • Mindmeld

      You answered your own question.

    • TheFloppyBeaver

      Do many of us not have data plans? Especially considering we like tech enough to browse websites like Syrup?

      If you’re talking about people who don’t care about tech and is just migrating from dumbphones, I get that. But I don’t buy one bit that many of us here don’t have data.

    • midnightdoom

      I have 6GB data package and I have unlimited texts, after I switched from my iPhone to my z30 my texts on my bill dropped by at least 75-80% from me using bbm instead. As far as other people I try to convince to switch to take advantage of bbm voice etc, it does seem alot of others are not so lucky to have a good plan.. Most get unlimited texts or a ton at least. But when it comes to their data I am surprised how many have 500mb caps. Some figure they are usually on wifi so dont care they have low caps and others just dont know how a mb differs from a gb. But usually comes down to the price we get charged. I was lucky to get 6gb for the same price some others are paying for 1gb

    • Ratawn

      To be honest, I think you hit the nail directly on the head. I still use text messages, well, for one, I own a WP and I don’t yet have all the benefits of BBM. But having a 1GB plan and always missing the opportunity to jump to larger plans because of price is the biggest problem. My friend has a similar 6GB plan. If prices for larger data plans were more affordable to me, then yes, I would probably slowly phase out my text messaging. It would just make sense with the options available on many IM clients.

    • midnightdoom

      Well I just lucked out with rogers. I did have 2gb to start with I believe. But a few years back they had a promotion to get 6gb and my10 for the same price I was paying.. I only knew cause I saw them advertise it on one of these sites. Called them up and asked if I could have it. But now I am pretty much stuck with rogers, nobody can even match the promotion I got.. I think it used to be a yearly thing around July they ran this promotion to try and get the back to schoolers.. I couldn’t stand being limited to 1gb myself, I typically use 3gb a month

    • TheFloppyBeaver

      IM service hardly uses any data whatsoever. You can have a 100mb monthly cap and still not come close to going over while using IM clients. BBM also compresses pictures sent via BBM and let you ask for the original resolution version if that’s what you want to save on data.

    • TheFloppyBeaver

      Sounds like you have a good plan! But ya, what BBM (and other IM clients) can do blows SMS out of the water. It’s not even close.