The ‘Mobile Innovation Store’ of the future will be shown off at Dx3 next week

A new report released today by PwC, “Total Retail: Customer Expectations Driving the Next Retail Business Model,” indicates that 87% of Canadians shop online at least once a year, with 49% buying something on a monthly basis.

The survey, based on responses from 1,002 Canadians, states that many people are still heading towards physical retail shops, but online and mobile are playing a massive role in decision making. Canadians find new ways to search for lower prices by “showrooming.” According to the report, 85% of respondents (850 people) have used their mobile device to compare competitors’ prices, 84% to locate the physical store, and 87% to learn more about a specific product.


At the Dx3 conference, coming up March 5th and 6th, Montreal-based Thirdshelf will be showing off a concept store called the “Mobile Innovation Store.” Thirdshelf plans to showcase all the newest in retail technologies in action, including Estimote and iBeacons, and will demo the future of personal shopping for both the customer and retailer — expect to see the ability to scan items, receive in-store recommendations, receive in-store discounts, rack up loyalty points, and interact with store associates from your mobile device.

Source: Dx3
Via: CNW