Samsung to stop creating Windows Phone 7 devices?

Chalk this down to the rumour mill, but SamFirmware is reporting that Samsung is going to cease the manufactuer of Windows Phone 7 devices by the end of 2012. According to the site, after the upcoming follow-up to the Samsung Focus there will be one additional Mango device in 2012, and then the company will bow out.

Why would they do this? It’s no secret that sales have not been great for Windows Phone 7 devices worldwide, but there is no doubt that Mango will re-invigorate the market for Microsoft’s nascent operating system. That being said, with Samsung narrowing their focus to just Android, especially in light of their numerous lawsuits, it might be financially prudent to drop the not-so-profitable Windows Phone lineup, at least until the platform is a proven success.

On the other hand, Samsung also has its own Bada operating system which they are pushing hard in Asia with its latest 2.0 release. The Wave series of phones has done exceptionally well in those parts of the world, and removing Windows Phone might excise the only liability in their growing mobile division.

Obviously this has yet to be proven since Windows Phone Mango hasn’t even been officially released yet, but a juicy rumour is just that, and this one is pretty delicious.

Source: SamFirmware.com via WPCentral