Samsung to stop creating Windows Phone 7 devices?


  • Alex Perrier

    Great, it’s not like Windows Phone 7 was as widely available and affordable as Android.

    Look, i’ll drop this afterwards, but what if someone lost a dear person or was stuck in yesterday’s tragedy? Would you thumb them down, laugh at them and call them names? Maybe someone on Mobile Syrup was affected. It was more important to put that day aside for reflexion, instead of this site posting a story that didn’t pertain to that day whatsoever. An article about USA long distance and roaming rates? Sure. But Guelph? Not in and of itself.

    Lastly, there are no rules for commenting, so these should be defined by Mobile Syrup.

    • len

      Share whatcha got bro… seems pretty good.
      In serious, you think he believes the article before this one is in bad taste as it fell on the anniversary of 9/11. If so I hafta point out this is a Canadian Mobile Network news site.. not a 9/11 memorial site. Even though what happen was horrible bringing it up here is in bad taste. Many of us have gotten past it (easier as its 10 years old and not in our country) and many of us who still do have strong feelings about it do not come here to be reminded of it. There are forums just for talking about 9/11 that would understand you better then us. Come here to talk about Canadian Telecommunications.

    • Nascar39

      Point proven again Alex!! You ramble looking for thumbs up and all you end up getting are thumbs down. Stay on topic or move along troll!

    • Dimitri

      You need a life bro. Maybe go outside & get one.. Looking for thumbs up will never get you them. I swear maybe staff should look into banning you.

  • Thoughtful

    What are you talking about? @Alex

  • DonSod

    Windows Phone 7 hasn’t even been out for a year yet? Another Apple/Android fanboy article no doubt…

    • DonSod

      AT&T just announced two new Samsung Windows 7 Phones. That’s a interesting way to stop support of Windows 7 Phones….

  • jellmoo

    An incredibly odd move, which I don’t quite buy. With the Google/Motorola pairing about to change the landscape of Android, and Mango just about to it with no real telling how it will affect the mobile landscape, this one just doesn’t compute. Having ruled out a WebOS acquisition, this would leave them with Bada as a backup, which seems like an odd choice given it’s incredible similarity to Android.

  • Lee

    Mobile syrup what are you talking about Numerous lawsuits for Samsung, lol. your totally wrong with that headline for sure..right now as it stands Samsung is only involved in one lawsuit they started against Apple, and Apple is counter suing just to be a bully. I’m not sure where you get numerous from when there’s only one, that’s not considered numerous at all. And it has been proven Apple stole Samsung technology.

    • jellmoo

      I… I… I honestly can’t tell if this is a sarcastic attempt at humour or not.

    • Zomby

      You do realize that’s Apple who started it all do you? Or are you really that dumb? Apple is currently suing everyone un der the sun and Samsun countersuied since Apple does violate some of it’s patents. They just didn’t care until Apple started bullying them around as they prefer to battle in the marketplace instead of the courtroom.

  • Skrutor

    Actually I think there is serious doubt that the mango release will be able to do anything for WP7 in the consumer’s mind. It isn’t hip like IOS or tied to a major online platform like Android. Microsoft needs to work on their mobile brand appeal.

    • jellmoo

      I more or less agree. Microsoft needs to hammer home a strong advertising and marketing campaign to get people talking about Windows Phone.

      Even more importantly they need to educate carrier vendors about the devices. There are way too many reports of these sales staff steering people away from WP7 handsets.

  • james vond

    Strange development. With samsung focus being the best of the current windows phone, why are they stopping it? Oh well not like there’s a shortage of companies willing to put out phones for it.

    • DonSod

      They are not stopping it. Samsung just announced two new Windows 7 Phones to be carried by AT&T – Samsung Focus S and the Samsung Focus Flash. That article is nonsence written by fanboys…

  • the1bobcat

    I thought I heard that they were in talks with HP to licence webOs?

  • Thed

    Seems like they’re just bowing out before they get dumped. Might as well bow out on the Android too!

  • Jack Fung

    Aren’t Samsung models the ones having all kinds of issues with Nodo and other WM7 updates earlier this year?

  • Mark

    Duh. They realized taking an even more tightly locked iOS clone and putting a metro makeup on it won’t work. And it hasn’t.

    They are better off switching wfail7 with meego or webos.

  • astridberges

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  • pete

    win phone is the worst os out there it is comparable to andorid 1.6 i own seveal diffrent phones & win phone 7 is the worst this os will fail sooner than later. the first really good phone i bought is the lg 3d. u can drag & drop almost any video file no converting.hdmi out jut an awsome user friendly phone not like my samsung focus.