Windows Phone 7 Mango OS to be released September 15th?


  • Ron

    Using an HD2 and on Mango already. This 2-3 year old device runs it so smooth. Im eager to get a new device though with the latest hardware. The HTC devices didn’t look that great that were announced today, the titan was alright. Im waiting for Samsung or Nokia to come through with something great.

  • Dipol

    Can’t wait for it. Too lazy to hack and install Mango. I hope they release it soon.

  • Colin

    meh, I used a focus for a month, tiles on the phone dont work for me.

  • Rodneyej

    Samsung Focus and yes I can’t wait!

  • Hilman

    The 6 Canadians with WM7 phones will be extremely happy lol.

  • EraqEE

    I’m using the WP7 Launcher on my Nexus S right now and it’s pretty awesome. Mango and Meego both seem like promising Operating Systems and I can’t wait to see them.

  • efnwyn

    LG Optimus 7 and eagarly waiting. Don’t want to hack incase I get bricked.

  • Gods Love Song

    I have a Samsung Focus, and I am impatiently waiting for Mango!!!!!

  • Chris

    Samsung Focus. Not optimistic about Rogers release dates.

  • Keith

    HTC HD7. Bring on Mango Bell. Alternativley, mabye Eastlink will roll out some nice Window Phone Mango phones on the LTE netowrk they’re buidling and I’ll take the hit to switch. Though I don’t know if there will be any LTE Windows Phones.

  • Canadude

    I can’t wait! For some reason I thought it wasn’t coming out til like October!

  • alex p

    I’m using lg optimus 7.when will mango be reveild in europe?can’t wait.

  • Ahmed Eltawil

    As always, Rogers customers will let us Canadians down with their updates.

    • Ahmed Eltawil

      Wow, my comment really makes no sense lol

  • 21Placebo12

    Samsung focus. For some reason I can’t update to 7392 it stays at 7390, and when I looked it up it said to update to mango beta you must have 7392. Hope that doesn’t apply with the actual update :/

  • Anthony

    Samsung Focus. Been running the Mango beta for 2 months now and it’s a HUGE improvement from 7.0. It’s like a whole new phone. I hope they roll it out to everyone soon because it’s what Windows Phone should’ve been when it first came out.

    The OS is just half the story, IMO. I personally can’t wait for Mango apps to show up in the Marketplace (they started appearing this past weekend). App selection so far have been mediocre but there are great apps appearing almost on a daily basis now. And with Mango there will finally be the kinds of apps that we’re used to expecting from a smartphone that were possible in 7.0 (like remote desktop clients, video chat, background audio, apps with live tiles, etc).

    As for Rogers being slow, they actually weren’t that bad with the NoDo rollout (just ask the AT&T customers in the US who had to wait months longer…). Not to make excuses though because the update process was horrid. I hope Microsoft learned their lesson.

    • andy c

      Also using a focus with mango. Great upgrade and the Os flies on last years hardware. The only thing on my upgrade wish list is a better camera (the focus has a good camrw to start with) and offline navigation via Nokia maps

  • Jeff

    I am using the HTC Mozart that also eager to use the updated Mango system, and wish to get it ASAP.

  • pettet8

    Using a HTC HD7 since a couple of weeks. Before a vivid Nokia user. Love WP7 is so easy to operate especially for the older (>60 yrs.) Clear screen and buttons and not the tiny stuff the Iphone has. Yes you guessed correctly anti Apple hegemony. Hope WP7.5 will roll out soon makes it even better to have the HTC. Have a great weekend.

  • Tmidz87

    Messed with mango beta a little, I was very impressed! Bugs and other issues pushed me to downgrade though. I just can’t wait to be able to use custom ringtones!

    • FuzzyLogic

      You’re probably talking about the first Mango release. I upgraded to the “Mango refresh” (the RC) and it has been running perfectly since day one.

  • Derek

    Samsung Focus and I’ve been waiting for a long time!

  • wz

    I have a walshed LG Quantum. I have run the walsh fix with
    no sucess. It appears to have run correctly but I can get the next update. same error. I would advise waiting for the offical release no matter how tasty the hack looks.

  • MoX

    Samsung Omnia 7, just got the phone a few days ago and it’s great; mango will only make it better!

  • Christopher

    Heck, I’ve had the Samsung Focus for almost a year (in Nov 2011) and been waiting this long for an “update”, so what’s another 2 weeks? Microshaft will release it when Microshaft is ready………hell, they’ve kept us waiting THIS long, so, why not dangle the carrot a bit longer? *sigh*

  • Jesse

    Used my Focus with Mango for a good while….such an awesome OS even in its beta stage! Now I’m on an HD7S just waiting for the release of the final build.

  • PatchMonkey

    HTC Surround. I’m happy with my WP7. And i’m eagerly waiting for the Mango update. It’ll be fun discovering all the new features and updates!

  • Brian

    Running a Samsung Focus with Rogers with Mango and love it so much! can’t wait to get the official one from Rogers!

  • Jonny

    HTC Mozart, I just cant wait for the Skype integration! And I can’t wait to make apps for it, keep an eye out for my future apps!

  • Steve c

    I’ve got the iPhone 4 and I really hope telus in Canada gets mango soon! I can’t wait to get rid of this phone! I’ll be laughing to whole time I’m dragging iTunes to the recycle bin.

  • john dutch

    I have had a focus since release (almost) and have enjoyed it. Cant wait for Mango to bring the phone back to business class but wont hack just because I’m too lazy to crack it that far

  • Brent

    Got my Samsung Focus after reading about the Mango update can’t wait.

  • Brent

    Bring it on :c)

  • Louis

    Samsung Focus and I want it now!

  • Hopewell

    Am using HTC Trophy . Cant wait to start using third-party apps like WHATSAPP!!

  • HTC

    Im currently USING HTC HD7 I cant wait to get the MANGO on My WP7. I didnt hack my WP7, im just waiting for the official Release.

  • Connor Hilton

    Samsung Omnia 7
    Already have Mango and all that I can say is that it is awesome! Anyone one who is scared about “Bricking” there device need not be it is a simple process even for a non-dev rookie user.

  • R Crook

    Installed Mango on an HTC Windows 7 HD device – works fine,but, this “…major update…” is a major disappointment to me…just not such a big deal after all the media hype about Mango.

  • pete

    wish a dev. would make a led flashlite for camera led samsung focus like my sony play android. I use it all the time.

  • Marc Roussel

    HTC HD7 : Canada, what an eternity. Still waiting…..

  • Martin K

    I have the developer release of Mango running on my HTC Mozart – and it’s an absolute beauty! I’ve been using it for over a month and I’m sure that current WP7 users will love it. Whether we can convince others out there to give it a go, will be the question.

  • Chris

    Samsung Omnia 7 and i cannot wait for Mango!!! Anyone any ideas when it will be released in Ireland or through EMobile???

  • DaddyoBotnik

    Samsung Focus on Rogers.
    For the first few days of ownership I was ready to return the phone, it was a very frustrating transition from my trusty old Blackberry, and I have been tempted to hack this phone from day 1, but have not found the time to go through with it. Looking forward to the MUCH anticipated official release of Mango.

  • matt

    sept 15 no update well when now????