Microsoft demos four new Windows Phone Mango devices, including Samsung Focus follow-up


  • Alex Perrier

    Anything AWS for T-Mobile/Wind Mobile/Mobilicity/Vidéotron?
    How about CDMA for Verizon/Sprint/Public Mobile/old Telus/old Bell?

  • Karan

    That new Samsung phone looks sweet! It will be interesting to see how Mango performs when it is officially released.

  • crunch204

    wp7 seems like a great operating system that, in a few years may be a dominator. keep the good work

  • Keith

    The i937 running Mango would be one awesome phone.

  • daa

    I saw the HTML5 rendering test with Mango to iOS 5 beta 3 and mango hit 50 fps while the latest iOS build was running about 14 fps.

    Last time MS ran a rendering test Apple came out and surpassed those results shown by Microsoft. So microsoft went back and bested Apple again.

    So right now my next phone upgrade is going to Microsoft, things could change if Apple is willing to as well.

  • Canadianman20

    My next phone is going to be a WP7 device, not sure which one yet after seeing this. I was going to head to Rogers this weekend but now i feel i should wait and see if Rogers brings the new device out, at which point I will get it day 1.

  • Eddy

    while things look grim in terms of whether Rogers will get the SGSII, I hope at least the Focus II will be on Rogers.

  • Alex

    Wow Windows Phone is going in the right direction for sure.

    I jumped on the iPhone boat a few years ago when they were taking off, but now it looks as if Ill be switching to a more modern way with WP7. They really seem to be innovating and cant see Apple (or Google) for that matter doing.

    Just check out the latest marketplace for Android which has definitely taken the design out of Microsofts book. This is the kind of stuff that drives me away from a company.

  • ken

    Video says its private. Why post it on Canada’s premiere site for cellular news, rumours and information if its private? 😉

  • Dave

    This is going to be the worst nightmare for iboys. LOL