Facebook for iPhone updated with free phone calls to users in Canada and the U.S.

Daniel Bader

February 22, 2013 4:42pm

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Facebook has updated its iOS app to support free calling in Canada and the United States. This brings yet another feature of the dedicated Messenger app into Facebook proper and introduces an additional way to make voice calls to friends and family in North America.

We tested out this feature when it debuted in early January (which, for a brief time, was exclusive to Canadians) and it works quite well, with excellent call quality and only a modicum of lag. The enormous install base of Facebook for iPhone — it’s likely the most active iOS app among mainstream users — makes this feature potentially disruptive. Or it would if people still made phone calls.

To access the Free Call menu, head to the Messenger portion of the app by swiping left anywhere from the right side of the screen, find a person with whom to initiate a chat, free the “I” button at the top right of the screen and call away.

Incoming calls will show up as a Notification Center toast message when in another app, but if already inside the Facebook for iPhone app it will pop up like a regular phone call. We’re waiting impatiently for Facebook to roll out free calls to Android users, but in the meantime, download Facebook for iOS.

Via: TheNextWeb

  • Telusdoesnotcare

    Phone calls are still by far the best way to communicate virtually, and yet you lemmings are all texting, BBMing, or Whatsapp’ing when you can easily CALL people! What a bunch of lemmings you people are.

    • Frosty

      Forever alone.

  • Carlos

    I bet you they record all those calls

  • Wikipedia

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    • cayaguy

      ****LOL******* I love the passive aggressive response! TGIF

  • gmd

    I thought Facebook developers were given Android phones in order to make the Android experience as pleasant as the iPhone’s. Ah well.

    On a 2.2 Froyo phone with limited on phone storage (175M), Facebook updates take a total of 25 Meg that cannot be stored on the SD card (i.e. way too much) and synchronizes way too often (not justifiable).

    • Anonymous

      sounds like you need a new phone.

  • E

    How about a FB app for my surface mark?