Nokia Lumia 520 and 720 leaked in photos, could debut at MWC


  • John Marshall

    Sometimes I wonder if Nokia is spreading itself a little thin.

    • glonq

      @JohnMarshall Agreed. You need time to learn from a product’s successes and failures before you make a companion or successor product. Nokia has sent out a shotgun-blast of phone models recently — more than their thin market share probably justifies.

  • gnote

    I thought the 620 was entry level…

  • Brent M

    These low end devices are probably what windows phone needs. The reason android is top right now is because everyone and their mom can afford one.

    Although, I hope they end up being higher quality then the low end android devices.

    • Keith

      Low end WP phones are always better than low end Android becuase they still run very smooth and rarely crash. However the 720 is not a low end phone, it is an upper mid range phone and blows all but the top Android phones.

  • Yannick Wolfe

    I really just want a grey Lumia 920!

  • superfly

    I want a lumia 920 running jelly bean 4.2.2

  • Hamid

    damn, now i have to put off buying the 620 to wait for these guys

  • Cody

    Nokia is annoying me sticking with the exact same design language in every phone, much like apple, and samsung with their reliance on the galaxy brand…

    • Glimpse84

      And yet Samsung and Apple are currently the top two phone manufactures. Go figure…

    • Cody

      They’re too afraid of letting go of what worked once and refuse to innovate. And a bunch of iSheep buying their products doesn’t make it good.

  • Rich

    Poor Nokia… no one disputes that they make great phones, but they really are held back my WP.

    If they went the Android route, they’d likely end up 2nd only to Samsung.

    • Michael

      Android is copying Windows Phone, they have been since ICS 4.0, they are now going for Windows Phone look of clean and minimalistic UI design approach, Android is going for the Tiled look, look no further than the recently announced HTC one. Nokia made the right design Windows Phone is beautiful, modern,intuitive and integrated, Windows Phone is a leader its market share will grow much like Xbox did back in the day. The others are just following.

  • Happyboy

    How low will they go lol

  • john

    I would have went with a windows phone, i Love the way the interface looks and feels. The only downside is that they don’t have the amount of apps yet and they weren’t offered by Fido. I would have loved a windows phone but, i guess there is always next year.

  • SC

    Stop using 4.3inch WVGA screens already, Lumia 720’s name alone deserves a 720p screen

  • ACdaf

    still waiting for instagram on windows phone

  • Saif Ahmed

    Unless they offer it on carriers with AWS frequencies (wind/mobilicity/publicmobile/videotron), it’ll be hard to catch that frugal client such as myself.

  • Ska

    Damn, that’s just great looking quality low end phone that could shame any junk lag-ridden Android phone of same specs.

  • glonq

    Given that 97% of consumers don’t want WinPhone, yet the majority of posts and reviews on MobileSyrup are pro-WP and anti- iOS & Android, has anybody figured out where all the WP astroturfing originates from? A rival WP website? A local user’s group? Bored Microsoft employees?