Google I/O registration begins (and likely ends) March 13th at 10am EST


  • Dern

    I would love to go to this but I’m just an average consumer. I’d kind of feel like a douche if I scored tickets over a developer who should actually probably be there.

  • Fartknocker

    I wonder if they’ll show off the $2000 Chrome Pixel Pro. God I hope so!

    • Brent M

      They are probably giving them away (if you live in the states of course).

      Google is very generous when it comes to people in the states… That or the CRTC doesn’t let them be generous to us Canadians.

  • screamer

    For this price we are getting a free nexus?

  • CRTC

    Our Google, who art in Mountain View

    Holoed by thy domain

    They search engine come

    Thy will be done

    On Google earth as it is in Maps

    Give us this day our daily results

    And forgive us our spelling errors

    As we forgive those who Bing against us

    And lead us not into Apple

    But deliver us from Yahoo

    For thine is the Browser

    And the Android, and Chrome OS

    For ever and ever