Samsung Canada says the Galaxy Note II Jelly Bean update is now expected “early February”




    • huawei4Real

      LOL at the Samtards that are surprised at the delay. You bought Samsung, what did you really expect?


  • Someguy

    As much good Samsung is with Android updates, Samsung Canada is worst nightmare.

    • Mexico Ron

      “As much good”…umm, ok.

      Anyhoo, Samsung sucks a big donkey when it comes to updates. We all know this. Why is anyone complaining now? But in exchange for dealing with dodgy update schedules and the period pwning exploit, we get the best Android devices on the planet. We have phones that also tablets and tablets that are phones. We get server class CPUs when the roll out the new devices on the Cortex A15. We get obscenely saturated colours that just pop off the display. We get new models every couple months. We get to Beam our data just by finding others to bump phones with. We get to belong to a community of like-minded people that don’t want to be like everyone else.

      Everything in life has trade offs. I don’t mind waiting if it means I can keep my Samsung.

  • Dan

    This is why all my future phones will be unlocked, , international versions. My note 2 n7100 has had at least 3 official updates since November. All the “new” features in the Canadian version have been around for months on the international version.

  • ASH

    If this is the case, then dear I ask, when will my Galaxy Note (the original version) will get its update? Now let me go back to sleep….yawn…yawn….

  • dv

    What about the galaxy s3?

  • Updates

    Hey fellow Canadians, don’t expect update from Samsung Canada.
    History shows Sasmung Canada has never given out update withing same version of Android.
    S2, on gingerbread 2.3.3 was never updated 2.3.4 or 2.3.5 or 2.3.6.
    Luckily 3 months late from whole World we got ICS 4.0.3, which was further never never updated to 4.0.4.

    Same goes with other models of Samsung too.

  • Somebody

    Everyone the World is enjoying premium suit even on S3, and Note2 in Canada doesnt even have mutiwindow udate.

    Not to mention. 2 years old international S2 got 4.1.2

  • Canada

    Samsung Canada is spoiling Samsung’s good guy image.

  • mzo

    If you’re upset about this, take matters in to your own hands and root your phone! Honestly, it’ll take 10 minutes.
    People just like to complain.

  • Richard

    Yeah, I want multi view. I’d get unlocked but lte is just to fast.

  • LTE

    Was gonna get international Note2, But LTE made me give one more chance to Samsung Canada.
    Worat mistake ever.
    Paying much higher price for LTE

    • sp

      Worat…. Borat’s “special” brother!!!

  • royf29

    is it really Samsung Canada that does not update or is it the carriers that take their time?

  • Headquarters

    Does anyone know contact number or letter to post address to complaint Samsung headquarters in Korea, about Samsung Canada.

    • jk

      Its not Samsung Canada……..Its the carriers with their bs stuff that delay this…..but put it this way, by the time you get your update its practically bug free!!

  • Brian

    I’ve been trying really hard to not put a custom ROM on this device (something I used to do in the past when devices were slow and laggy). However, the stock ROM on my Note II runs fantastic and has given me no reason to put a custom ROM on…until now.

  • Frustrated

    Wont go iphone route, but definitely Samsung wont be my next phone.
    Lots of competitive Android makers in market now.

  • Competition

    I know Samsung you are king of phone markets in World,
    But if you wanna continue to be on top in North America, this is not acceptable smart move at all.

  • Anybody

    Sacrificing LTE on international model will give me on time updates and yeah battery life is always plus.

  • Darren


  • Raise Voice

    If mobilesyrup can help , forwarding our complaints to Samsung in Korea………

  • Phill

    I love the Note 2 but Samsung is very frustrating, they are way too slow to bring updates

  • Don

    This is not acceptable by any standard. Especially after paying $790 for this phone.

  • BG458

    They want you to root so you void your warranty.

  • watch out

    glad i never picked up this big clumsy phone. the phone becomes a burden when your on the go. i love my nexus 4. look how fast the priceof the note 1 fell $250 on kijiji. that’s pathetic.

  • TechGuru

    This is the 1 and only reason i’ll always buy unlocked devices and never locked devices from any of the carriers!! Un – friggin – believable!!!! No reason why this update needs to be pushed back, weeks/months at a time – seriously!!

  • LJK

    Not cool Samsung, not cool.

  • ZR27

    i dont care.. Honestly, the phone is still sick.

    is multi view seriously that important?
    phone is super quick for multi tasking, stock battery is still way better than the rest… grab some floating apps in the play store.. if you REALLY need multiple apps on your screen

    customization, widgets, launchers, etc smokes everything else.. did apple add SIMPLE toggles on their notification window yet?…lol

    its my phone on the go, and my mini PC. When hooked up to MHL adaptor, with bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

    update will be here soon enough, im personally not DYING for it.

  • bigshadyray

    plus 4.1.1 on the Note 2 randomly shut the phone down and restarts..Come on I want this update with out a root.

    Anyway next phone I am going back to Google, I had the Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus and now the Note 2.

    Galaxy Nexus still runs WAY smoother than the Note 2.

  • evan

    Tempted to flash a third party ROM, but don’t want to lose things like the S-Pen apps.

    But really… anyone with Rogers is likely on a 3-year contract and most have had their for for less than two months. In the whole lifetime of the phone, another two weeks ain’t gonna kill anyone.

  • Josh

    RIP Android fans!

  • Hadi

    When will galaxy note 10.1 get updated? US variants have been updated Jan 15th. Why should we Canadians always lag behind Americans for updates?

  • bruins

    its about time….

  • Peko

    Supposedly the 4.1.2 update has a huge battery drain issue for most people who’ve used it. Unless Samsung Canada fixed this, I’m not really looking forward to the update, I want to keep my 2-3 day battery life!

    • alamarco

      I’m rooting my phone this weekend. It’s not just multi-view, it’s the whole update process that bothers me. What happens if the next update is critical? We’ll have to wait 2 months before receiving it?

      Coming from an iPhone, the only issue I have with Samsung is them letting the carriers touch the OS. If updates came straight from Samsung we’d get them much faster with no bloatware. The way things are pretty much forces you to root your phone. I love my Note 2 and the features it offers, but my next phone will be a Google phone unless Samsung steps up.

      I’ve heard the opposite, I’ve heard 4.1.2 has better battery life than 4.1.1. If you Google “4.1.2 battery life” the first result is postie, second is negative. Guess it’s hit or miss. 😛

  • andoxviii

    Completely unacceptable. Ive been harassing Samsung Canada over twitter. Asking them why Samsung considers Canadians are of lesser significance than the rest of the world. I’ve questioned repeatedly for this update. They don’t need to reinvent the wheel here. Its already out in every other market.

    I’m a huge Samsung fan. As an IT guy, all my friends and family have also switched to Samsung. They trust my expertise. I’m finding it harder and harder to recommend them.

  • L3KTRiC

    This is pathethic. Why do we always get the short end of the stick. I did not ask for this when I switched over from iphone to android

  • m00rb

    This is a joke right? Everyone should twittter blast @samsungcanada to tell them what an embarassment they are.

    Every Note 2 allowed to run in Canada is commiting false advertising. Commercials run non-stop on Canadian television showing multi-window when it does not exist in this country?

    I have already filed a complaint with the CRTC.

    • m00rb

      Note 2 Commercial that is.

  • Matt

    Could someone inform Samsung Canada that 4.2 has been out since November? Why are they pushing out 4.1 updates in 2013?

  • nexus forever

    more like early feb 2014. get with the program samsung. i will have krispy kreme 5.0 on my galaxy nexus by the time note 2 gets jeyllybean 4.1

  • Vampyr

    The update went live at 1am Mst today. Hope we dont have the battery issues the USA had.