Images: Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 leaks online


  • L’s


    • Mexico Ron

      I LOVE this phone!

    • JWong

      How is that a RIP Samsung? If anything, it’s another product they can sell to make money on, which isn’t bad, but rather a good thing since companies need to make money (obviously). Give me a reason how this could be a RIP for Samsung, or better yet, a RIP for any company.

    • Cirque

      Samsung is not innovative at all. They rip off Apple and then push the bill by raising a spec war saying they are “innovative”. What’s so innovative about an 8″ tablet? OOOOO!!! so special.


    • Pookie

      is this bb10?

    • Lots of butthurt Apple smalldickboys here

      Apple: Samsung made an 7.7 inch tablet? Well we’re going to make a 7.9 inch shitPad mini!
      Samsung: Well we’re going to make an 8 inch one. You mad?
      Apple: OH WE’RE GONNA SUE YOU!

    • Huawei4Real

      An 8″ phone: Samsung has completely jumped the shark.

      It will be interesting to see if the Samtards take the bait and buy this. They demonstrated with the Note and Note 2 that they can be convinced to buy anything, no matter how much of a clown it makes them look like. I guess if they have lots of room in their pants from being under endowed where it counts, these phones are perfect for them. They can finally “fill out” their pants 😉

    • Mexico Ron

      @Huawei4Real it doesn’t matter “how much room” I might have in my pants, since I will continue to use my bag to carry it, just as I do now with my Note2. My partner is huge “where it counts” and he will also be getting one.



  • Raid

    As much as the industry tries to find that sweet spot between tablet and PC, I don’t think it’ll happen due to the diversity of people’s tastes. Seems like every size becomes a hit with a niche market.

  • fds

    Samsung: Apple made a 7.9in tablet, lets innovate and make our 8in instead of the regular 7in we have been.

    • Fatz

      Based on your statement, Apple shouldn’t have made the 7.9 inch iPad mini since they were making the “regular” 10 inch iPad all along.

    • til-bar

      Why wouldn’t they try multiple screen sizes? The aspect ratio is different anyways.

      The tablet is fairly young as a form factor…gotta try everything out! The 8″ is probably the only size Samsung hasn’t tried (5.5″, 7″, 8.9″, 10.1″).

      I actually think that 8″ might be a good size. I find the 7″ to be great to hold with one hand, but just a bit too small for content consumption. Whereas 10″ is a bit big for portability, but great for sitting on the couch.

  • Brad F(anboy)

    Is that an earpiece at the top of it? It looks like an earpiece. They intend people to use this as a giant phone.

    What the heck?

  • dee

    @fds: Samsung was also making 7.7″ tablet (Galaxy Tab 7.7) long before Apple created iPad mini.

    • fds

      Then why did they stop making 7.7 and more to 8? :O

  • Jeff Langsner

    @fds: Why did Apple go from a 3.5 inch iPhone to a 4 inch iPhone?

    Why did Samsung go from a 4 inch Galaxy S to a 4.6 inch Galaxy S2 to a 4.8 inch Galaxy S3 to a 5.3 inch Galaxy Note to a 5.5 inch Galaxy Note 2…and so on, and so on…

    Because they don’t want to offer the exact same device each year. People seem to like different sized screens. It has nothing to do with Samsung copying Apple. It’s Apple who is copying Samsung’s trend here.

  • Dave

    I can’t fit this s**t in my pocket WTF!!!!!!!

  • Claudiu

    Take a look at it. ! In two years, this is how your phone will look like. What ? 5.5″ ? Neah, it is too small for a phone, give me a 8″ phone.

    • Koala MeatPie

      In 5 years we will have 8inch screens on 4 inch phones.

  • krz

    Looks fake to me. Someone just photoshopped a SGS3 and made it bigger. Using an 8 inch tablet as a phone is not practical. It would’ve been more believable if they removed the proximity sensor and earpiece.

  • Jeremy

    Galaxy s 2 is 4.3 in not 4.6. Lol I agree with you though some of these comments are just plain stupidity. Oh well at least they make for a good laugh in the morning. Samsung does not copy Apple and anyone who thinks apple is innovative is an i***t! Bigger is better maybe not for you specifically, but it appears people are wanting and willing to buy 4.3-5.5 in smartphones. Samsung is providing what consumers clearly want. They want a choice and frankly i love nit having the exact same phone as every other person. Anyone who disagrees thats your problem. Now go fondle your 4″ and save tech talk for the big boys. 🙂

  • Jeremy

    Did this really block out Idio-t lmao

  • Jeff Langsner

    @Jeremy, agreed. Except that there are actually multiple Galaxy S2 variants. Everyone I know with one either has the Telus Galaxy S2 X (4.5 inches) or the Rogers Galaxy S2 LTE (4.65 inches).

    Which if anything just further proves the case of Samsung offering choice in size 🙂

  • Sidroid

    Guys, this is obviously fake. It’s just a big S3, the earpiece is still there. And Samsung hasn’t used capacitive buttons since the original galaxy tab.

  • Photog

    Fake! Earpiece is there and the bezel is way too big. I expect the 8″ note to be only slightly larger than the Nexus 7

  • Jeremy

    Ah your right GS2 skyrocket on rogers is 4.5 and the GS2 X from telus is 4.52. Also agree with sidroid. I dont think this is the galaxy note 8″ i hope they wont put that clicky button god i hate those even on the S3 its got to go!!

  • Miknitro

    Look closely at first picture, how many phone s in that one hand?
    The Samsung, an upside down HTC an what is by his palm?

  • wotzit2ya

    Now if only it could fold to be pocketable

  • Charles in Vancouver

    It’s actually not so implausible that the Note 8 has the first Samsung tablet buttons since the original Tab. Recall that Honeycomb introduced nav buttons that were embedded into a bottom notification bar, such that it made no sense to have buttons on the tab itself. And now with Jellybean onwards, the nav buttons have become an isolated on-screen bar, with all the notifications moved back to the top. Which means there will be a temptation for OEMs to expand screen space now by putting buttons on the tab and eliminating the on-screen bar for Android 4.2+. I think this is a lousy idea but it’s plausible.

  • jermiah

    @Sidroid you’re high. Look at the s3.

  • WP74Life

    They are going to sell Samsung Pants in option to fit with this “phone”.
    Samsung blinded users will buy it, sad but true.
    A proud owner of WP device laughing at you when you talk with a note because you look so dumb, imagine with this thing.

  • mike

    Its fake obviously no one is stupid enough to put a camera where u put ur hand

  • screamer

    That fake takes me 5 minute of my life. Only need somebody to hold an ipad mini and a note 2. Than a good software and here is the fake. There will be a note coming out this year but won’t look like tgat

  • nely

    Oversized bazel on it though



  • Mischa Price

    that looks TERRIBLE no one wants an 8 inch galaxy s 3