Pebble Smart Watch apps now available for iOS and Android


  • crazedhatter

    I didn’t get in on the Kickstarter, but according to latest estimates I should be in the march shipment. I’m expecting a Red pebble, and the extra large strap for my fat arms. 😛

  • Eduardo

    First of all, I think the whole kickstarter Pebble story is great. But I fail to see any benefit in my life for such a product. I stopped using a watch years ago; just every now and then as an accessory but I forget I have it on and will check the time on my phone. The only use I see for this would be for really cold days (like today and yesterday); and then again, I wonder if I would be able to press the buttons while wearing gloves.

  • Shane

    The big advantage I see with the pebble is that there is no stigma associated with looking at your watch to see the time. If you pull out your smartphone in the middle of a conversation to check the time you can look like an a*s.

    I wish it had a heart rate monitor and I would get one for sure.

    • Kenjuta

      but if you look at your watch in the middle of a conversation it usually means you’re bored of the guy talking and/or you want to get out of the conversation soon

  • Aidolon

    Backed the kickstarter for a black Pebble.

    I can see it being useful for music controls when I have my phone in my coat, and for glancing at texts/emails when I’m out (to gauge importance) without obnoxiously looking at my phone while at the table.

    Will be interesting to see what this project’s legacy is.

  • Colin

    Nerd tag.

  • Blinker

    Display is not edge-edge so the clock faces are cut. I like the concept as a phone remote control, but not as a watch. I think Apple will introduce a new line of iPods with better sync options with iDevices.

  • kb2755

    I didn’t back, but I’ve pre-ordered a jet black one.

    I agree with what people above are saying, meetings and work you really shouldn’t have your phone out. Having a watch for quick notifications is ideal, especially with vibration alerts.

    I can’t wait ’til mine ships.

  • Dubyah

    Backed for a black and can’t wait! I haven’t worn a watch in years so that’ll take some getting used to, but I often don;t feel/hear my phone when it’s in my pocket. I’m also interested in sleep tracking & actigraphy alarms (detecting REM sleep and waking at the optimal time).

  • til-bar

    Backed it, waiting on my black model!

    As for the discussion about social acceptability of smartphone vs watch use. The watch definitely offers some benefits.

    In a meeting – If your watch beeps you’re ok to have a look. It’s also acceptable to ‘check the time’ in a meeting. Not acceptable to check out your mobile unless urgent.

    At the dinner table – again, it’s acceptable to glance at the watch, especially if it just beeped (otherwise you look bored). Less acceptable to pull out the mobile, borderline rude.

    In a conversation (1on1) – Not so cool to look at your watch (again implies boredom), although it might be acceptable to look at it if it beeped. Not so cool to check out your mobile. Just enjoy the conversation 😉

    In a movie – yeah, it’s ok to look at your watch. Don’t dare take out your mobile!

    I love having a watch. I glance at the time throughout the day, now I get to glance at a bit more information and do other extras like music controls…