Tesla threatens to sue Cybertruck customers for reselling vehicles during the first year

Tesla customers could face a $50,000 charge for reselling a Cybertruck alongside a future purchasing ban

Aspiring Cybertruck owners may want to be entirely sure about their purchase prior to pulling the trigger. Tesla’s terms and conditions now state the company forbids the reselling of the Cybertruck within the first year of purchase.

The updated Motor Vehicle Order Agreement now includes a ‘For Cybertruck Only’ section. Tesla says customers must agree to “not sell or otherwise attempt to sell the Vehicle within the first year” following the delivery date.

If the Cybertruck customer attempts to resell the vehicle, the company claims that it makes “seek injunction relief” preventing the transfer of the title. The amount may be upwards of $50,000 USD (about $69,000 CAD) or “the value received as consideration for the sale or transfer, whichever is greater,” Tesla states. In addition, Tesla may refuse to sell any future vehicle to the customer.

As an alternative, the company states it may buy the Cybertruck back from the customer at the original price minus 25 cents per mile driven. Deductions to wear and tear and cosmetic repairs may also be taken into account However, Tesla will only do so if it approached with good reason.

If Tesla refuses to buy the Cybertruck back, it may allow the customer to sell it to another buyer. However, these permissions must be granted by the company. Otherwise, customers may be hit with the aforementioned injunction.

Tesla’s Cybertruck will begin shipping on November 30th following multiple dealys. At launch, Tesla will ship a limited number of the vehicles. Reports claim 2023 fulfillment could be as low as 200 vehicles. Mass production is now targeted to begin in 2024, which may see orders ramp up to 120,000. Pricing has yet to be officially announced. However, during its 2019 reveal, a $39,900 USD (roughly $54,400 CAD) starting price tag was cited, though that cost is expected to have increased significantly.

Image credit: Tesla

Source: Business Insider