Google Pixel 8 Pro features a temperature sensor, but is it too late?

Do people really care about checking the temperature of their tea in the morning?

Google’s Pixel 8 Pro includes a somewhat random new feature: a temperature sensor.

The sensor can measure the temperature of a variety of different objects. Google offered examples of use cases like measuring a cup of tea before taking a sip or a baby’s bottle before feeding them. A useful thing I’d measure would be an iron to check its temperature before ironing my clothes.

Right now, the sensor can measure various objects, but you can’t use it to measure your own temperature.

Google says that it’s waiting for FDA approval (and likely Health Canada) before it can advertise using the temperature sensor on people. Following approval, an update will hit the Pixel 8 Pro, likely with the option to measure human skin temperature.

However, is Google too late with bringing a temperature sensor to its flagship smartphone? A thermometer would have been a highlight feature on the Pixel 5 or Pixel 6 Pro during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the pandemic still ongoing but in the back of most people’s minds, it likely won’t be the most useful feature. I’ll be happy to measure my temperature, given I’m often concerned about my health.

Was this a feature that a Google executive wanted a couple of years ago, and it took a few years to implement? Or does Google actually think people will still use this tool frequently in 2023?

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