Google reveals Chromebook Plus lineup, offering double the performance to last year’s models

Google is launching a new collection of Chromebook Plus laptops, featuring AI capabilities

Google has revealed the lineup for its new Chromebook Plus laptops. After a decade of supporting the series, Chromebooks are now poised to offer even more reliability and performance.

In a blog post, Google claims the new Chromebook Plus devices offer “double the performance” when compared to their predecessors. Google is also positioning the devices to use built-in Google apps and “powerful” AI capabilities.

Chromebook Plus includes support for Google Photos’ ‘Magic Eraser’ and Adobe Photoshop. Both apps are designed to speak to users who take photos and edit while on the go. Google Photos Magic Eraser also offers Offline File Sync and AI-powered tools like noise cancellation and lighting.

Under the hood, Chromebook Plus is powered by Intel Core i3 12 Gen processors or above or AMD Ryzen 3 700 series or above. Additionally, users will find 8GB of RAM and a base of 128GB of storage. Google is also including FHD IPS displays as a baseline. For video conferencing, the devices also include a 1080p webcam.

With continued investment into AI and other Google-made apps, the company is ensuring many existing Chromebook owners won’t be left behind. Eligible devices will see Chromebook Plus software available in the near future. However, a full list of eligible devices won’t be available until closer to launch.

Google is partnering with Acer, HP and Lenovo to roll out eight new models under the Chromebook Plus lineup. The new series has a starting price of $569.99 in Canada. Orders in Canada and Europe will be available starting on October 9th. U.S. customers can purchase their Chromebook Plus a day earlier on October 8th.

Image credit: Google

Source: Google