Fitbit launches brand new design for its mobile app

The app is now broken down into three separate tabs: Today, Coach and You

Fitbit has made good on its announcement of a design for its new mobile app, with the makeover heading to phones just over a month after the company set out to make the change.

The new look breaks the app down into three tabs known as “Today, Coach and You,” each with its own distinct icon and colour palettes. The app also now includes easier logging of health info such as users’ water intake and steps as well as more consistent health trends charts.

Fitbit says the new app is designed to provide a “holistic view” of users’ health and wellness with a focus on metrics that matter most. Although not a complete overhaul, the simplification looks to make the app easier to navigate for users by putting the most important information at the focal point and making it easily accessible.

The Today section of the app gives users their top stats at a glance and allows for more customization on how they wish to view their personal fitness goals.

The Coach tab will showcase health and fitness content such as workout plans and mindfulness sessions, and the You section will let users adjust personal goals and track their achievements.

The new Fitbit app can be downloaded on both the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Image credit: Google

Source: Google/Fitbit Via: Droid Life