Nest Hub Max is discontinuing support for Google Meet and Zoom

Users will be able to continue video calling on the device after September with Google Duo

Two giants of the video calling industry, Google Meet and Zoom, are both dropping support for the Nest Hub Max this September.

With video chats originally being a major focal point of the device, the Nest Hub Max will now have to rely on Google Duo as its main form of video calling, a clear step down from the ever-popular Meet and Zoom options.

The news appears to have been first sniffed out by Reddit user u/cheebie, who posted to r/googlehome after he was met with a message that said users won’t be able to join meetings by the end of September.

Zoom had made a related announcement days prior, stating that “all support for Zoom for Google Nest Hub Max will end on September 30th, 2023.”

This sudden change could go back to a decision made by Google in June when the company ended third-party voice apps and games from the Nest Hub.

The recent news may seem less shocking in that context, but the fact remains that without proper video calling support, the Nest Hub Max camera can only be used for a few select other functions such as Look and Talk, Nest Cam and controlling media pause/play.

The news marks a major hit to the functionality of the Max at a time that seems premature to do so. At least we still have Google Duo… right?

Via: 9to5Google