Samsung to start mass producing S24 parts a month earlier

This means the S24 series could possibly launch a month earlier

For the past couple of years, Samsung released its S series smartphones in February, but now, it looks like the South Korean company will be switching things up next year.

According to a report from ET News, the S24 will mass-produce S24 parts in November. This is ahead of last year when Samsung’s partners started mass-producing S23 parts in December.

With Samsung prepping its S24 a month earlier, it seems like the company will launch the lineup sometime in January instead of February. This isn’t the first time Samsung has done this, as the S21 launched in January as well.

It’s possible Samsung is doing this to compete with the huge hype for the just-announced iPhone 15 series.

Samsung’s S24 series may launch in January. The S24 Ultra is tipped to have 2TB of storage and sports a titanium alloy middle frame, similar to the iPhone 15 Pro.

Source: ETNews