Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra rumoured to sport titanium alloy frame

The Essential Phone also used a titanium frame

It looks like Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra will be 1g lighter than its predecessor.

According to Ice Universe, the S24 Ultra will use a titanium alloy middle frame, which due to its increased density, will allow the device to be 1g lighter than its S23 Ultra weighing 233g instead of 234g.

The Essential Phone used a titanium frame; however, no other notable device has since. The Essential Phone felt great, and the titanium frame helped it feel premium. So I’ll be happy with the change and look forward to the lighter device, despite the minimal change.

A previous leak indicates that the S24 Ultra will also feature 5x zoom in the camera app by using the 3x zoom optical camera with a 50-megapixel sensor and cropping the image for a superior zoom.

Source: Ice Universe