SwitchBot’s new robot vacuum/mop connects directly to your home’s water supply

Become the laziest version of yourself with SwitchBot's new gadget

iRobot started the trend of self-emptying robots with its Roomba i6+ several years ago, but it looks like SwitchBot has plans to one-up the current king of Robot vacuums with its new device.

The China-based company has revealed the SwitchBot S10, a new robot vacuum/mop that connects directly to your home’s water supply, allowing it to automatically refill and empty its water tank through your plumbing. The robot can even add water to SwitchBot’s Humidifier 2, allowing you to be even more lazy.

Similar to iRobot’s offerings, the SwitchBot S10 features a charging dock where the robot automatically empties debris after vacuuming, but there’s a separate station you can set up in a different location for the mop dock, likely in a bathroom or near a kitchen sink. This makes sense given it’s required to connect directly to your plumbing.

According to SwithBot, when the S10 heads out to clean, it takes a quick stop at the water station to refill or drain its tank. The water station is also powered directly by the Switchbot S10 when it docks, so you don’t need to worry about plugging it into an outlet.

SwitchBot says the S10 is capable of detecting carpet and lifts its mop to stop spraying water unless it’s on a hard floor, similar to iRobot’s Roomba j7+ Combo robot vacuum/mop. Its removable rolling mop can also be taken out to make cleaning easier.

While all of this sounds impressive, how useful a robot vacuum or mop really is ultimately comes down to how capable it is at navigating your home, something iRobot’s devices are excellent at. For example, while Dyson’s 360 Heurist is likely great at vacuuming, it was awful at finding its way around my house (I haven’t tried Dyson’s new 360 Vis Nav).

It’s unclear how much the Switchbot S10 will cost, but it’s likely an expensive vacuum/mop combo cleaning device, given the technology the company claims to have packed inside it. SwitchBot is also behind the retro-fit Smart Curtain Rod 2 I covered back in February.

In other robot vacuum-related news, iRobot recently revealed two cheaper alternatives to its Roomba j7+ vacuum/mop, the j5+ and i5+.

Image credit: SwitchBot