Meta and Ray-Ban reportedly working on Stories 2 with sophisticated AI

The AI will be to understand complicated commands

A couple of years ago, I tried out Ray-Ban and Meta’s Stories smart glasses.

Though they’re cool (I still wear them to this day), they don’t offer a lot of utility beyond posting short stories and taking pictures. Now, it looks like both companies are partnering again for a second pair of smart glasses.

According to NyaVR on Threads (Instagram/Meta’s Twitter clone), which data mined the Facebook View app, the upcoming Ray-Ban Stories 2 (possible name) are codenamed “Supernova.” The successor will sport Meta’s AI, allowing you to ask questions by saying, “Hey, Meta.”

This AI seems far ahead of Google’s Assistant, Alexa and Siri as you’ll be able to include complex commands like “write a poem about friendship,” according to the report.


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The charging case looks slimmer than the first Stories’, which would be a great change, as the last one was bulky. The Ray-Ban Stories 2 will also be able to live stream to Facebook. The first Stories reportedly couldn’t do this for battery life reasons, so Meta must have figured out a solution.

While it’s great Meta is likely adding AI support to the Stories 2, it looks like augmented reality (AR) is still missing from the smart glasses. Without AR, I feel like the glasses lack a vital reason why some people want smart glasses. Further, my biggest issue with the Ray-Ban Stories is the lack of security measures, so I’m hoping there’s now a brighter and more noticeable flash when taking pictures so people are properly alerted.

Source: NyaVR Via: Android Central