Elon Musk claims Italian prime minister agreed on ‘epic location’ for Zuckerberg fight

Musk previously tweeted about fighting in the Colosseum

Talk of an MMA fight between tech billionaires Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg began back in June. It all started because Meta was making a Twitter competitor, Threads.

Now, their fight’s been confirmed. Sort of.

At least, it was confirmed in a tweet by Musk. It’s unclear how much we should rely on Musk’s word here. However, he also tweeted that “all proceeds go to veterans.” He didn’t specify what organization he and Zuckerberg were working with, but it would still be a bold claim to go back on.

Both men seem eager to fight, at least. When Georges St-Pierre, a Canadian UFC champion, offered to train Musk on Twitter, he agreed. GSP described Musk as “much stronger than the average man” when he reflected on their training in a video with MIT computer scientist Lex Friedman.

Meanwhile, Zuckerberg was seen training in a tweet with Nigerian and New Zealand UFC champion Israel Adesanya, along with Australian UFC champion Alexander Volkanovski.

However, Musk also talked about needing a surgery before the fight could go forward. Today, he posted that he would need surgery to fix a problem with his shoulder blade, and that recovery would take a few months.

As of this writing, there is no date, time, or location set for the fight.

Musk previously wanted it to be hosted in the Colosseum, but that didn’t seem likely. However, Musk said in his tweet that he, the Italian Prime Minister, and the Italian Minister of Culture had settled on an “epic location,” though he didn’t specify whether it was the Colosseum.

Source: @elonmusk