A clock customization option is the victim of Android 14 Beta 5

Now, there are only seven clocks to choose from in Android 14 Beta 5

Android 14 Beta 5 dropped on August 10th, and users are enjoying a myriad of bug fixes that came with it. However, 9to5Google spotted one more noticeable change: a clock customization option for the lockscreen has been removed.

That brings the number down from eight, which were introduced in June with Beta 3, to seven.

It is just the beta, so nothing is certain; they might have removed this clock because they were having trouble and needed some time to work on it.

“It wouldn’t be the first time Google has removed something and added it back during the beta phase (Fingerprint Sensor whether accidental or intentional for some devices as an example),” a 9to5Google reader commented.

However, the full release of Android 14 is expected in just a few weeks. It should be sometime in September. So, we wouldn’t be surprised if this clock has been cut altogether.

All we can really do is speculate, though, because the removal wasn’t mentioned in the release notes or blog post.

Source: 9to5Google Via: Android Police