Parody account imitating X (Twitter) CEO Linda Yaccarino emerges after username change

While the CEO's old handle is locked, someone set up an account with a very similar username

Someone took the opportunity to troll Twitter’s X’s CEO after she changed her username to reflect the platform’s branding.

Linda Yaccarino previously used the username @lindayacc, before changing it to @lindayaX. According to Gizmodo, the old username is no longer in operation. But someone took the opportunity to create a very similar handle.

@lindayaccs is one letter off from the original. The account features Yaccarino’s image, and as Gizmodo notes, looks much like her old profile.

But there are a couple of exceptions. The profile features humorous tweets (or is it xeets?) and appears to link to an adult entertainment website.

The account also features the term “parody” in several places, which makes the existence of the account permissible under the company’s rules. Such accounts are allowed as long as users differentiate them with the terms “parody,” “fake,” “fan,” or “commentary” in the username and bio.

But as Elon Musk has shown in the past, such rules only apply if he wants them to. This was seen through his handling of the former Twitter account tracking his jet. The account used publicly available information, and Musk said he wouldn’t ban the account because of his “commitment to free speech.” That didn’t last long.

So who knows how long @lindayaccs will last?

Image credit: Shutterstock 

Via: Gizmodo