X (Twitter) makes ad revenue sharing program available globally

Any X Blue subsciber that meets the criteria can get ad payouts

Roughly two weeks after Twitter X started sharing ad revenue with creators, the program is expanding.

Earlier in July, several Twitter users posted screenshots of the amount of money they were set to get from Twitter from the program, with some set to receive nearly $50,000 CAD in payouts. Many of the initial payouts went to far-right influencers.

Now the program is available globally to anyone who meets the criteria, which include being subscribed to X Blue (formerly Twitter Blue) or being a Verified Organization, having at least 15 million impressions on your cumulative posts within the last three months, and having at least 500 followers.

X will only pay out for ads that appear in the replies to a user’s tweet, and it will only pay out for ads served to verified users who pay for a blue checkmark.

X-owner Elon Musk first announced the program in February.

The ad revenue-sharing program comes at an interesting time for X’s advertising business. The platform has once again been caught putting ads for popular brands next to accounts run by neo-Nazis. Moreover, X tried luring advertisers back to the platform this week with incentives, discounts and threats. X says it will pull verification from brands unless they spend at least $1,000 USD (about $1,322.65 CAD) over the last 30 days or $6,000 USD (about $7,935.90 CAD) over the last 180 days.

You can learn more about the revenue share program here.

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Source: X Via: The Verge