Modder makes AirPods Pro case easier to repair

The modded case allows users to easily open it and replace the battery without soldering.

Ken Pillonel, the modder known for creating the first iPhone with a USB-C port, is now trying to improve the AirPods Pro.

Pillonel previously modded a pair of AirPods to feature a USB-C port, and he has now found a way to make the AirPods Pro charging case more accessible.

One major complaint with the AirPods’ case is that it is hard to repair, considering that it is shut tight using glue. This makes it hard for internal parts to be replaced. Thus, Pillonel has now modded an AirPods case to be held together with nuts and screws instead of glue.

“I am taking on a significant project to demonstrate how one of the most popular gadgets today — Apple’s AirPods Pro — could have been easily made repairable with minimal effort,” Pillonel said in a press release. “My primary objective is to encourage consumers to be more mindful of their choices and to motivate manufacturers to prioritize sustainability.”

The modded case allows users to easily open it and replace the battery without soldering. Pillonel also claims that his design reduces the amount of glue used in the case, and that the glue he does use can be easily removed with acetone.

Unfortunately, the project does not cover the AirPods themselves since, according to Pillonel, they’re harder to replicate with his current tools, but he hopes to tackle them in a future project.

Further, he also added that he hasn’t been able to open the second-generation AirPods Pro case without breaking it. Pillonel has shared his schematics and files for anyone who wants to try his project themselves, though be wary, attempting this project is sure to void the warranty of the AirPods Pro.

Image credit: Ken Pillonel

Source: Ken Pillonel Via: The Verge